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Tonga's news industry is primarily the Kava Bowl (for males) and the lalanga or women's work-bee (for females). Getting home in time for dinner is also another good source of 'news'. The nation's secondary source of information rides the radio waves, at present the sole supplier of radio news being the government operated Radio A3Z. A third tier supply of information are the weekly/monthly papers variously published by the government and interested individuals/organisations.

 In the print media, the populace has greatest access to (and desire to read) the two weeklies, The Tonga Chronicle and Taimi 'o Tonga. Only the Tonga Chronicle is published concurrently in English and Tongan. All other national papers are published exclusive in Tongan, or with a small number of English language articles .

The News Media in the Kingdom of Tonga

Print Media

Other than the news available through foreign newspapers and magazines, the local print news industry is usually weekly papers such as:

Or the monthly papers dominated by church publications:

Today, a few monthly magazines continue the tradition of providing more detailed coverage of news articles. Many magazines have been started, and then fallen away, but a few remain and continue to grow



OBN Oceania Broadcasting Corporation (A3M TV7) was Tonga's sole television broadcaster for a long time after the competition folded. The New Zealand government has breathed life into competition through their very generous contribution to the Government Operated Broadcasting Commission and the new Television Station A3Z TV Tonga.

Other licensess exist but in 2002 the two broadcasters played the field.


 The Kingdom of Tonga is being very well served on the Internet by a number of forums and news sites. The two premier sites for news in 1999 were:

Island Snapshot is an archive of 1996/97 news releases published here on Tonga on the 'NET. This service gradually became redundant with the advances in Tonga Online's publishing arrangement with Tonga's Chronicle newspaper, and with the same organisation's good work with the Tonga Times web site.

We were very pleased to close the updates on this web site, current news, and happy to encourage the continued growth of the above two sites and all other sites with current information on our little Kingdom.

These pages provide old archives of news information in the Kingdom, together with some information on the local news suppliers. Gradually the means and modes of information dissemination changes and we hope to provide updated information on the major players, purveyors of current affairs news.
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