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Tonga Times--> The Taimi 'o Tonga is a hybrid local paper, and New Zealand newspaper reflecting the ownership and production of the paper where the publisher resides and prints the paper in New Zealand with a journalism staff in both Tonga and New Zealand.

The Taimi 'o Tonga paper is a Tongan Language weekly newspaper covering local news relating to Tonga and Tongans in New Zealand. The paper also makes an attempt to represent international and New Zealand news in the Tongan Language. There are columns in the paper focussed on presumed issues popular with the youth as well as a lengthier coverage of sports, especially rugby.

The paper has historically presented views antagonistic to many government ministries and is a staunch supporter of the democratic movements in Tonga although it does not represent or directly endorse any single candidate.

With the http://www.tongatimes.com website, Taimi Tonga has expanded its news service to reincorporate English language stories as well as to provide reference information for the many non-Tongan language investors in Tonga. The Tonga Times website is the first website developed by a news agency to provide regular news on the Kingdom of Tonga.

Availability Tonga : Local shops
International: Available at retail outlets popular with Tongans in New Zealand and Australia
Price 80 seniti Tonga, $2 overseas
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Contact Tonga
PO Box 880
Hala Uelingatoni,
Kolomotu'a, Tongatapu
Kingdom of Tonga
Ph: 23-177
Fx: 23-292
New Zealand
PO Box 24075
Royal Oak, Auckland
New Zealand
Ph: (09) 579-0358
Fx: (09) 579-1805
Editorial Staff Publisher/Editor: Kalafi Moala,
Assistant Editor: Filo 'Akau'ola

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