Ko e Kele'a

The Ko e Kele'a is a political broadsheet, commentary published by People's Representative member of parliament, 'Akilisi Pohiva. The main focus of the paper are issues brought up in Parliament which are often censored during the once a week broadcast of proceedings by Radio Tonga.

When initially published (early 80's) it was the only paper with a dissenting view to government behaviour and was widely chriticised by the government and people as inflamatory and a disturbance of the peace. Today, the paper is recognised by most Tongans as a necessary instrument for dissemination of information to counter what is sometimes considered disinformation published by the government.

Availability Tonga : Local shops
International: Available at retail outlets popular with Tongans in New Zealand and Australia
Price 50 seniti Tonga
Subscription n/a
Contact Tonga
PO Box 1567
Kingdom of Tonga

Ph/Fx: 676-25-480

Editorial Staff Editor: 'Akilisi Pohiva (People's Number 1 representative, Tongatapu)

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