Tonga Chronicle, aka Kalonikali Tonga

Established in 1964, the Tonga Chronicle is published simultaneously in the English and Tongan languages by the "Information Office of His Majesty's Government." Even with the rise of competition for the supply of newsprint, the paper has managed to survive and maintain a low price while employing the most complete journalism staff of all papers in Tonga.

The paper's photographic library would have to be the most extensive photographic library of recent Tongan history. The paper has often voiced concern to provide a better archiving mechanism for its photo stock.

As an official arm of the Prime Minister's Office - Information Unit, it is highly questionable the freedom staff have to publically critique or question the actions of government. Although the editorial staff is likely to be at pains to argue their integrity, the consistent stance by the publishers in favour of the government clearly highlights the close working relationship between the Chronicle and its parent.

Recently, the Chronicle has joined services with Tonga Online to provide excerpts from the newspaper to the World Wide Web community.

Published in both English and Tongan, the paper seems to be the only voice for the papalangi, or ex-patriots who wish to join in the local discussions, whether the contribution is related to a current topic or whether the ex-patriot wishes to expound some new knowledge for the populace. By incorporating some of the 'technical' news of interest to the the English readers into the Tongan paper, the Chronicle provides a valuable information dissermination media.

Availability Tonga : Local shops
International: Available at retail outlets popular with Tongans in New Zealand and Australia
Price 40 seniti Tonga
Tongatapu/'Eua: T$31.20
Ha'apai/Vava'u/Niuas (air mail): T$36.40
Aust/Hawaii/NZ/South Pacific:
English edition: T$54, Tongan edition: T$77.40
North & South America/Europe/Asia
English edition: T$79.70, Tongan edition: T$121.30
Contact Tonga
PO Box 197
Old Vaiola (off Taufa'ahau Road)
Kingdom of Tonga
Ph: (676) 23-302 Fx: (676) 23-336
Editorial Staff Editor: Tu'isoso (Paua Manu'ata),

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