A3Z - Radio Tonga - The call of the Friendly Islands

Radio A3Z, a government agency, is the major radio broadcaster on the islands.

A division of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission, the Radio A3Z banner is host to the AM radio channel providing most of the public news and information exchange for the country as well as an FM channel and the Radio Tonga shops in Tongatapu and Vava'u.

A3Z Radio 1, AM 1017, is the sole broadcaster of radio programs that covers all of the Tonga Islands. Radio 1 broadcasts a mix of English and Tongan language programs with a very high community development focus. Broadcast time is available to most community groups and very popular are the church news programs, college programs, as well as the live broadcasts of festivities and sports programs. A3Z Radio 1 broadcasts out of Fasi-moe-Afi and retransmits world news programs by Radio Australia, BBC, and Radio New Zealand.

The retransmissions are often of very poor quality but open a vast window of exposure for locals to the events beyond their corridor. These international broadcasts are also translated into Tongan for rebroadcast giving the radio listener a very broad range of information.

The only AM broadcaster in the nation, A3Z has excelled in many areas of its responsibility to the community, and has been slow to respond in others. With the only bandwidth capable of broadcasting much of the paid advertising the AM band is in need of modernising its approach to paying and listening customers.

A3Z Radio 1 FM, is a venture of the broadcaster into the FM band and has principally used this frequency for the broadcast of music programs. Although with a greater age, and an earlier start to a library collection, this experiment has faltered coming up against competition from local FM broadcasters. Smaller and new FM broadcasters have quickly collected and gathered together the younger and FM prone listeners with a closer understanding of their listening needs as well as the needs of advertisers.


The Voice of the Friendly Islands


AM 101.7, FM97.2

Hours of operation

6:00 am - 12:00 midnight

Broadcast Office


Administration Office



Tonga Broadcasting Commission Board of Directors

Managing Director - 'Ahongalu Fusimalohi


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