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It is now confirmed that 9 students are to return to Fiji to the USP (University of the South Pacific) and the rest which is 53 students are to remain in Tonga, and attend classes at the Tonga Campus in ‘Atele. Tongan USP students were returned to Tonga due to the political violation going on in Fiji. These 9 students who are to return to Fiji are said to be unable to do their course in Tonga due to lack of resources. This is in accordance to Salote Fukofuka, the Head of the USP Tonga Campus. There is plan to ask the Government of Japan for aid, so as to assist the Tonga Campus in the attempt to upgrade the University’s resources in terms of Computer technology. This is for the sake of the ability to do classes from here in the Kingdom.


‘Uliti Uata, one of the people’s representatives to the Parliament is really concerned with the rise of teen crime. One example he brought up in Parliament was the violation between high school students. These Violations keep happening over and over again. Mr. Uata emphasized this as a reason for non-effective punishments. He made sure the other members saw this concern from his point of view – since today teenagers and children are the Kingdom’s people for tomorrow. It is very obvious that things start at home, then the schools. Mr. Uata pleads with parents/guardians and the schools to make sure they do and teach the children of Tonga what is right.


St. Andrew High School’s Head Girl, Loretta Sanders, won the Rotary English Plain Speaking Competition conducted at the International Dateline Hotel. For her prize, the Polynesian Airlines awarded her with 2 tickets for a return flight to Melbourne Australia in September where she will join an international Rotary English Plain Speaking Competition. Loretta also won the Rotary Enviro 2000 Competition back in April. Second place was won by Samuela Hafoka of Takuilau College, and ‘Ana Saafi of Queen Salote College came third.


3 Tongan Students have been chosen by the New Zealand Secondary School Rugby Board to join New Zealand’s National Secondary School Rugby team. This team is about to visit Australia. These three students are Sam Tu’itupou from Kelston Boys College, Soane Longopoa Tonga’uiha from St. Peters College and Nili Latu from the Sacred team.


Noble Tu’ivakano of Nukunuku has banned any Chinese store from his NukunukuDistrict, in the Western side of Tonga. This new commandment was conveyed to the people in their most recent “town meeting”(fono) The owners of Individual Shops had a meeting and they all complained about the competitive methods of Chinese in running their individual shops. This concern is not only of Nukunuku individual shops’ owners, but also all over the Tongatapu group.


The Ministry of Labor and Commerce had temporarily stopped the offering of license for establishing new individual stores. This information was in accordance to a Chinese person who was denied such license. Upon contact to the Ministry of Labor and Commerce, they assured that it is true, and it is just a temporarily banning – and this is not only for Chinese people but it applies to everyone else in the Kingdom.


There was an aerobic competition between Tonga’s Primary Schools and it was held on this pst Friday. 20 schools participated and it was very obvious how the aerobics has got more and more famous, and this is said to be result of a special training conducted by two (2) men who came from New Zealand in the past months to train the GPS teachers in this specific matter. Ma’ufanga GPS won the competition. Tokomololo GPS came second while Holonga GPS came third. The Government’s School Director, Mr. Paula Bloomfield, awarded the prizes.


The Mailefihi Siu’ilikutapu College Brass Band from the Vava’u Island left here last Friday for Australia for fund raising. The fund that they will be able to raise will be used to promote and develop their academic facilities in their library, their Science and Computer Laboratories as well as instruments for the Industrial Arts Subject. The leader in this tour group is the school principal herself, Mrs. Mele Suipi Latu and Rev. Sione ‘Ulufonua. The Band Master and Conductor is Kitione Palavi. They are a total group of 38, teachers and students.


A lot of destruction happened in Fo’ui, on the early morning of last Saturday. This was the result of an unexpected tornado at 6:15 in the morning. Houses were blown down, trees were uprooted and there was one house that was taken and dumped by the tornado in a total different place from its original site.


The launching of the Mileniume Kalia was successfully done. All the programs that were arranged were carried out and everything including the day itself was beautiful, worthy of a very important day. His Majesty the King of Tonga graced the day with a speech where he emphasized this important work won in Tonga, and he also suggested that Tonga’s neighboring islands should see this work. 


The Specialists from Melbourne Australia are now in Vava’u finishing off their visit to the Kingdom. Dr. Ngalu Havea leads this group from Kolomotu’a. Their work is specialized in the nose, throat and the ears.


The President of the Rotary Club of Nuku’alofa, Sitiveni Taketali Finau and the High Commissioner to Tonga from Britain, Brian Connely offered aids to the Head of the Alonga Centre, Lavinia Satini. This aid consisted 10 wheelchairs. Lavinia Satini accepted and did a very warm thanksgiving for this is not the first help from the Rotary Club. There has been a lot previously.


‘Apifo’ou College, the hero for 2000 Tonga Secondary School’s Rugby Competition has arrived in New Zealand on Monday. They are there for a 2 weeks tour in which they will meet several rugby teams in the Auckland Colleges. According to Information from the school, the main reason for the tour is to promote and develop the school rugby’s current standard. All together, there are 36 of them and that include all the players, the coach and the supporters.


Christina Vehikite of ‘Utulau residing in Mangere, Auckland took the first prize for the District Spelling Bee Competition. She is of 11 years of age and goes to school at Kedsley Intermediate. This is an annual competition and Christina has always been in it but this is the first time for her to win. Earlier on in the year, she won another competition where she had to compose Tongan Essays, and this was from the Pacific Island Week. Christina’s parents are Moeaki and Seini Vehikite. Upon asking Christina about her secrets for her success, she made it plain that it is nothing else but “consistency and peer-group free.”

Obituary: Mr. 'Anisika Pua passed away in his 77 years of age. He was a retired steward of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga. He is from Tongoleleka Ha'apai. He passed away on the 23rd of May 2000 in Auckland New Zealand.

Obituary: Hiva Fineanganofo of Kolomotu’a has passed away and it was a sudden death.

Obituary: Mrs. Kalina Leha passed away as sudden death in the United States of America. She was a long-time serving teacher in Queen Salote College. She was buried here in Tonga after a grieving night with her by the family, relatives and friends. She is buried in Fanga, where her husband is from. Kalina leaves behind her husband, Ului Lehaa who is a soldier in the Defence Service of Tonga and two teenager sons who both attend school in Tupou College Toloa.

 [<iSnapShot>] JOBS

A brief summary of job positions advertised in Tonga's local news papers.

* Computer Operator Grade 1, Central Planning Department, TOP 6,091 ~ 8,572 pa plus 10% COLA.
* Driver Messenger, Local Income Revenue, TOP 2,310 ~ 3,659 pa plus 10% COLA
* Health Planning Officer, Ministry of Health, TOP 7,332 ~ 11,053 pa
* Chief Accountant and EDP, Tonga Co-operative Federation Limited, TOP 26,000 pa (will be reviewed every year depending on performance.
* Medical Officer, Peace Corps, TOP 13,000 ~ 15,000 pa (depending on qualification and working experiences.
* Chief Reporter, The Tonga Chronicle, TOP 5,801 x 394 ~ 8,164 pa.
* Travel Consultants, Fund Management  1. Senior Travel Consultant, TOP 10,000 pa        2. Travel Consultant, TOP 5200 pa                             

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