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    Looking for information on the Kingdom of Tonga ?

    Tonga on the 'NET, qualified and biased information on the islands and peoples of the Kingdom of Tonga.

    Pacific Lore brings together on the Internet tales and stories of the Pacific that have helped define cultural norms, and wonderful tales of heroism despotism.
    Marooned somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand and to the East of Australia, our Island Kingdom has been points of debate for the Naval powers of yester-year, the United Kingdom, Germany, and United States with an inconclusive decision to let us alone.

    Our Short Stories collection adapts modern story telling to the thoughts and 'norms' of life in Tonga, or is it just another silly tale?

    Mapu Mei He Ngalu brings to the web Tongan language and cultural interpretations. Tonga Language Services provided by this site include a Font Collection supporting the Tonga accented characterset and Keyboard macros to improve word-processing Tongan documents.

    Visit our forums, chat rooms, dynamic Links, downloads, and other projects.

    Our new Links pages is simpler to incorporate your sites as well as voting on the favourite site.

    Showing Downtown

    A Little Map We just put together a little map to show you downtown, specifically to our new shop floor location.

    We've got a little Internet Cafe going, so when in town, please drop-in and say hello, and get back on the Internet.

    [<External Links>] is our new portal for things relating to Tonga.

    Below is the earlier link pages.

    Other Links

    Computer Education
    Our Computer Education pages provide resources for teaching and learning about computers. Designed for introductory courses in basic computer skills in a secondary school the materials are very broad ranging from word-processing to programming and ethics.

    Getting Networked ? describes how you can install your own internet, network services using freely available programs from the Internet.

    We show you how OpenBSD can open the Internet resources for your organisation through sharing files, resources, creating an internal web server and other Internet services.

    Not NoMoa

    Visit and find out other projects we are involved here on the 'NET and elsewhere.

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    As The Kingdom of Tonga is one small island among many, we are glad to be part of the Earth-Link group of web sites bringing to the Internet the diaspora of human kind. To view other websites on Islands in the Pacific, and the other peoples on our small planet, follow the link through to